Earth Hot Tub



  • 2180 x 910mm
  • 5 sitting places
  • 1 hydromassage pump
  • 22 jets
  • Ozonator
  • 10 pcs LED lighting

  • Midnight Canyon
  • Pearl White
  • Sterling Silver
  • Storm Clouds
  • Winter Solstice
  • Grey
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Standard Specifications


We call this style a “Party Spa” and the Earth fits this description well with face-to-face seating for 5 or 6 bathers – this is a real “freestyle” fun spa. A pool for the little ones, a social event for the kids, or a couple’s late night stretch out sanctuary – this can be the ultimate family oasis. With open bench seating on three levels and no “best seat” it accommodates all comers whilst avoiding seat jet envy!

At 2.18m diameter, it is quite a large spa but being round it can fit into, and look good in spaces where a square tub might look crowded. 22 jets and a 2hp pump provide excellent performance and it comes with our heat recovery tech for low running costs. Just plug into a convenient domestic wall socket using the RCD plug and cable provided and you’re good to go!

Hey! Life’s a party! So night-times come alive with our exclusive built-in multipoint Chromotherapy light show, whilst you can play it loud with the included myMUSIC Bluetooth Spa Audio system… yeah, it’s never too late – get down with the kids!

Bonus Pack (value over £1,100)
  • Standard Delivery
  • Set-Up & Demystification
  • Premium Thermal Cover
  • Easy Steps
  • Chemical maintenance pack
  • Safe-Use Training

Ø2180 × 910 mm
1 hydromassage pump
22 jets
10 pcs LED lighting

5 sitting places

As perfect as a circle. This 2.18 meters diameter round hot tub is built with 22 water jets to provide full back massage for 5 adults, easily accessible top load filter, ozone water disinfection, 2 HP double speed massage pumps and exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting and round array open seating space.

Measurements (L × W × H) Ø2180 × 910 mm
Reclining / Sitting places 5 sitting
Net weight (kg) / Water volume (l) 300 kg/1 045 l
Side cover VerticalSide UV-proof wood textured
Reinforcement Polyurethane
Insulation Polyfoam (2 cm)
Drains 1 pc at the bottom
Power requirement 1 × 32A 230V50Hz
1 × 16A 230V50Hz
Control box Gecko (IN.YJ-2)
Control panel Easy4
Total number of jets 22 pcs
Laminar fountain jets
Heater 2 kW
Pumps 1 pc 2 HP double speed
Circulation pump
Cartridge filter 1 pc Superfine paper filter
Water sanitization Ozonator
LED lights 10 pcs LED
Mymusic™ 2.0 sound system Fix
Thermo cover yes

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Spa Shell Colours

Midnight Canyon, Pearl White, Sterling Silver, Storm Clouds, Winter Solstice

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